Welcome to Rethink The Network. We’re all about changing your perception from using outdated methods of promoting your business like the yellow pages to the future of business networking. The future of networking is more complex than an outdated book full of paid advertisements that are outdated the second they arrive on your doorstep. Luckily there’s a better way than this.

I used to pay $1500 a month for my yellow pages ad and it wasn’t even generating that much in business. I kept paying because I didn’t know any other way. Thank you for showing me that there’s a better way of promoting my business!
-Steve Johnstone, CPA

Steve has changed his whole outlook on business and his company has grown dramatically in the last 3 years. He’s sharing information with his current and potential clients, and the more they know about what he does, the more they recommend him to their friends and business associates.

This phenomenon has been repeated over and over with great success. In this website, we will share with you some of the success stories and companies we’ve helped. We have been very successful with out techniques and sure… we want to brag a little bit, but you will also benefit from this information because it will give you ideas to help improve your own business.

We’ve helped:

…and more!

We can help you too. Check out some of the other pages in this site and you’ll see how we do it. Click here for more information.

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When it comes to networking, we do the thinking for you!