Child Care

Child care is a growing industry because we are experiencing a new baby boom. Younger generations are having children and more and more families have two incomes that require someone else to step in and provide care for their children. This is an expense that some parents are willing to pay so that they can have a successful career outside the home. There comes a time when families need to make the important decision; should I leave my child at home or should I put them into a day care situation or do they need preschool to help them get started because you are not qualified to get them started in their educational endeavors.

There are many reasons not to leave your child at home alone.

  • Do you live in a safe neighborhood?
  • Is there a neighbor that could help your child in an emergency?
  • Can your child handle being home alone without getting into trouble?
  • Will you allow your child to play outside when you are not home?
  • Can your child prepare healthy snacks for themselves without getting hurt or making a huge mess?
  • Is your child mature enough to handle being home alone?
  • Would your child know what to do in an emergency?
  • Would your employer allow you to leave if something happened?

These are only a few of the reasons you should consider a Day Care facility. When your child isn’t old enough to even go to school, do you have the option of having a reliable preschool to send them to? What kinds of features are you looking for when choosing the best preschool for your child? Is your child qualified for the Head Start Program? If so, you might not even need day care or preschool because it is already provided by the community.

Not all preschools are the same. Some offer partial or half days only and some offer full days monday through friday. It is important to figure out what best works for your schedule and what is most cost effective as far as balancing work and family. You don’t want to put yourself into a situation where you are only working enough hours to pay for the preschool. Would your child be put into an educational environment or are you just putting them into a situation where they are just corralled and watched in a non-structured setting.

The Little Red School House has been around for almost 50 years and is dedicated to helping children develop their academic and physical skills in a structured setting. The children are motivated with positive reinforcement and love. The goal is to make learning an exciting and self-fulfilling experience. Their ultimate desire is to see your child develop into a productive individual in society.

They currently have 2 locations in Bakersfield, California depending on what is more convenient to you and your schedule. You can choose a number of different programs depending on the length of time you need to have your children at the school and the number of days you need. The facilities are very clean and organized to create a wonderful experience for your growing child.

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