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Printing words and images on paper has been around for centuries. Even though the printing industry has changed dramatically, especially since desktop publishing has been introduced, there is still a great need for quality printing. Businesses will always need brochures, fliers, business cards and more to help them promote their business and to help their customers better understand what it is that they do.

Desktop publishing, or as we like to call it, graphic design has both made things easier for printers and has also made it more difficult for the smaller mom and pop shops. It has made things easier by streamlining the design process. Things that would take multiple people setting each individual letter by hand now are done very quickly by one person sitting in front of a monitor typing quickly to generate a page of text and images. Speaking of images, it was an art form in the past to be able to print a full-color photo simply because the colors in the photo would have to be separated out, plates would need to be made from big negatives, and the plates would need to be aligned properly. There were certainly many things that could go wrong in many stages of the printing process.

Today, with the use of the Adobe Creative Cloud, designers can create whatever they can imagine and do it quite quickly. Fonts are more readily available, and the number of typestyles are in the thousands. Stock photography also makes things easier because with the help of the internet, beautiful images are a few clicks away. We also enjoy digital printing which allows designers to instantly see their work on a piece of paper without having to go through the multiple steps it takes to put a job on a printing press. There is no need for developing negatives in a dark room, burning plates with blindingly bright light, and using multiple chemicals to get the plate processed. Everything is basically instant, and prints are looking better and better all the time because companies are improving their technologies do deliver the best looking prints.

The downside to all of this innovation is that small mom and pop print shops are going out of business because they can’t compete with huge printing companies that do all of their business over the internet with individuals all over the country. There is no longer a need to develop a relationship between designer and print shop, so there is no longer the loyalty that used to be crucial to the printing industry.

How can the mom and pop print shop survive?

The answer is not simple. Some survive, and some don’t. The ones that do survive have had to change some of the methods they use, and also offer something that cheap online printers can’t do. They offer good old fashioned customer service. Believe it or not, some consumers still want to talk to a person when they are printing their important pieces. When you can deal directly with your trusted local print shop, you can have the confidence that they will take care of you. You aren’t just a number. You matter. That’s where a company like DB and Company in Bakersfield, California comes in. They offer the highest quality printing in Kern County, and also have some of the best customer service as well. You can be sure that when you use the best printer in Bakersfield, you will get the quality you dreamed of when your design was completed. DB and Company also helps companies with marketing their businesses. They have thousands of specialty advertising products that can promote your business as well as being able to provide many different internet services. Give them a call today at (661) 324-2222

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