Pest Control

There are many pest control companies in Bakersfield, and in California. Partly because Bakersfield is in an agricultural area, we seem to get more bugs here than in other parts of the state. With the warm climate, pests are thriving more than ever.

How do you choose a pest control company when there are so many that seem to do the same thing? All they do is spray the same chemicals so it’s best to choose the cheapest, right? This is absolutely not true. Pest Control companies are not all the same and they don’t even apply the same material or chemicals. Some companies choose the cheapest material that can appear to get the job done, but may cause more harm to the environment than they benefit you. Others water down their material so they can make more money, but you are the one that suffers the result.

It’s important to choose a local company that has proven results. You can tell who is respected more in the community because they have been in the news because of some of the positive things they’ve done for the city or because they’ve helped someone deal with a horrible infestation and are recognized for their greatness.

Occasionally you will run into a very special company that not only takes so much pride in their work, but they actually want to improve the whole industry. One such company exists, and they care so much, that the owner actually teaches classes on pest control techniques. It sounds crazy doesn’t it? Why would someone want to teach his competition how to do better? Wouldn’t that harm his business in the long run?

The answer is simple. When the pest control industry is improved, everyone is seen in a better light. The perception of pest control has benefited greatly by this attitude. No longer are they seen as people that blind spray poison all over your house and yard without any regard for your pets and children. No longer are they seen as people trying to rip you off by providing a sub standard service.

What sets this company apart form others besides educating their competition, is that they try to educate their customers too. They will take the time to explain what they’ve done, what kinds of creatures they are trying to target and how they decided what chemicals or material to use as well as how they apply them. These are important factors that you should consider when choosing a company to do business with.

Bakersfield Pest Control is not all the same. There are good and bad ones out there. You want the best because you care about your environment, your yard, your home, your pets and your children. Oxley Pest control is the company you’re looking for. They are dedicated to doing the job right the first time and making sure your pest are no longer a problem. Whether you are experiencng ants, roaches, rodents, bats, bees, flies, termites, or bed bugs, look no further than the best pest control company in Bakersfield.

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